Drama | 92 mins | 2009 | Named One of the Ten Best of 2009 by ROW THREE

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“…a beautiful film…” — ROW THREE
“…an absolutely wonderful piece of work.” — ROGUE CINEMA
“…a treat to watch…” — ADM
“…director Gary King brings out some strong performances from a talented cast.” — OXFORD FILM FREAK
“…an original, funny and poignant slice of New York City” — FILM ARCADE
“…breathtaking and emotionally powerful…” — TCWREVIEWS
“…smart, lively and engaging…” — SONIC CINEMA
“I never thought that watching relationships fail could be so heartwarming.” — PULPMOVIES
“…Gary King breaks back into the independent scene with his best
work to date….entertaining from title to credits…” — KILLER FILM
“…smart camera work…perfect pacing, superb acting…” — FILMFANATIX
“…a remarkable achievement…independent cinema at its finest…” — THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC

Gary King’s feature film debut is a unique exploration into the drama of interpersonal relationships and their various stages. With New York Lately, King has created a charming piece of cinema that is as tantalizing as it is engaging in its visual and emotional prowess. Accessible dialogue and skilled acting by relative newcomers, depict a culturally and behaviorally varied group of thirty-somethings who allow the revelations of life’s complications to emerge through missteps, risks taken and personal reflection.

The narrative rings as true and believable as anything one would overhear on poker night or at a ladies night out. Still, it manages to push the boundary of intrigue, melodrama and to some extent, even adventure. Combining the use of multi-layered prose and interconnecting plot lines with the visual details of the film, King finds a distinct way of examining the more complicated components of typical emotional situations, reminding us what courage under fire really means. Proudly wearing its influences on its sleeve, New York Lately lashes together the more subtle visuals of Almodóvar, the smoothly intense styles of Wong Kar-Wai and the thematic tones of Paul Thomas Anderson. The devil is in the details here and a first time film maker putting these details exactly where and how they belong with acuity and precision, is step one in the making of a master craftsman. — Andrew James (Row Three)

NEW YORK LATELY is a feature film drama following multiple characters as they weave through their daily lives struggling to find happiness. However, happiness to each of them is defined differently.

Using New York as the backdrop, writer/director Gary King interweaves several unrelated tales into a larger tapestry that not only pulls viewers into these intimate day-to-day lives, but also draws on those interactions to show how we are not all that different from each other.

SUSAN CAGLE……………..Truly Hanssen
JENN DEES…………………Veronica Darling
JARED ASATO……………..Jared Ishii
MARK DiCONZO……………Mark Wagner
VANESSA STREIFF…………Samantha Thompson
JEREMY KOERNER………….Elliot George

Written and Directed by GARY KING

Featuring music from

Sedona International Film Festival (World Premiere)
Charlotte Film Festival
Flyway Film Festival
Sandhills Film Festival
Big Apple Film Festival


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I fell in love with New York the moment I arrived. Because of this, I felt it only appropriate to make my first feature centered around the city as I saw it and not how a typical Hollywood production may see things.

I am very proud of the multi-ethnic cast in some of the lead roles. It is something I was very conscious of when casting. I want to showcase people in a non-stereotypical manner. I think mainstream Hollywood still needs a lot of improvement in this area. NEW YORK LATELY shows everyday people living everyday lives – without calling attention to any stereotypes or mention of race. Even though I am talking about it now, it is never addressed in the film, which to me was an important statement.

Although I love all types of genre films, there is a special place in my heart for those films whose genre is not clearly defined. To me it’s so refreshing to watch a film that reflects real-life; where there can be happiness, sadness and comedy occurring all at the same time. Some of my favorite masters of film are able to do this with great care. Here is the list of films that came to mind when I was creating NEW YORK LATELY – none of them have any direct relationship to my film, but certain elements definitely influenced me.

Husbands and Wives (1992) – Woody Allen
Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993) – Woody Allen
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988) – Pedro Almodovar
Short Cuts (1995) – Robert Altman
Boogie Nights (1997) – Paul Thomas Anderson
Magnolia (1999) – Paul Thomas Anderson
They All Laughed (1981) – Peter Bogdanovich
That Obscure Object of Desire (1977) – Luis Bunuel
Shadows (1959) – John Cassavetes
Opening Night (1977) – John Cassavetes
Blow Out (1981) – Brian De Palma
Before Sunrise (1995) – Richard Linklater
Out of Sight (1998) – Steven Soderbergh
Chungking Express (1994) – Wong Kar Wai

After all, everyone borrows; it’s from whom you choose to borrow that makes you unique.

-Gary King
Writer/Director “New York Lately”