Got SCHERMANN Questions?

The cast/crew and I are going to be recording a DVD commentary for HOW DO YOU WRITE A JOE SCHERMANN SONG soon and I thought it’d be cool if we could answer some questions you may have during that session.  I’ve listed the people who will be there….so fire away and I’ll make them answer it.  I swear I will!  Just leave a comment on this blog, FACEBOOK or TWEET ME  your questions and I’ll create a running list right here on this page.

If I can steal the time I’ll film quick video interviews that will include your questions from here as well.

The participants will include:
Christina Rose
Debbie Williams
Joe Schermann
Daryl Ray Carliles
Ken Lampl
Keith Ukrisna




  1. Conrad Steeves says:

    1. Did Joe Schermann already have the songs composed and was looking for a home for them before the screenplay was ever first proposed?
    2. How much difference, if any, between the character of Joe Schermann in the script and the real Joe Schermann?
    3. Are all of the experiences of the characters in the screenplay based on real life incidents of the acting talent?

  2. Zak Forsman says:

    What were the most significant changes made after getting feedback from your test screenings, if any?

  3. Gary King says:

    Got this question via Facebook from Susanna K:

    “For Gary: what drew you to a musical, and how, if at all, was the development of this work different from your other films?

    For cast: do you see musicals more as a genre for a select audience or a genre that has a cyclical mainstream popularity?”

  4. For Ken Lampl:
    What’s the biggest challenge when scoring a film?
    What was your biggest challenge on this score?
    Does the Orchestra you use affect how you score your arrangements?


  5. Brett says:

    I’m curious to hear more about the kickstarter campaign. For example, when it launched, what did everyone think the chances were for raising the $30,000? And at what point did you all think, ‘This is really going to happen.’?

  6. mark dennis says:


    what made you decide on such a departure from your last film? after death of the dead, i was hoping for a part two. More Wanda please!!

  7. Conrad Steeves says:

    Interested in learning more of the practicalities of shooting such a well produced, pro-looking film with a very small crew.

  8. Jack M says:

    Besides social media (twitter/facebook), what did you do to attract backers to your KickStarter proposal? If just social media – what do you think got people interested in backing it? Was it just the film itself, or perhaps the rewards offered?

  9. Mireille says:

    1.) For everyone there: Other than HOW DO YOU WRITE A JOE SCHERMANN SONG, what is your favorite movie musical
    2.) For Gary: Your funding campaign for this film was very successful, for other filmmakers looking to fund their film via Kickstarter, what advice would you give them?
    3.) For Christina: What is your favorite song from this movie? And why?
    4.) Will we get to see Gary sing in the bonus material? :)

  10. mark dennis says:

    For Christina,

    How would you compare acting in a movie musical vs live on broadway? There is no retakes when your’e live!!

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